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2i Agency, LLC (2iA) is a full service FFL located in California who specialized in Ammunition Manufacturing as well as the Imports and Exports of weapons, ammunition and implements of war. 2iA is  a Veteran Owned and Operated business, certified by the VA as a SDVOSB. The founder of 2iA is a Marine Corps Veteran with over 15+ additional years of security expertise in the private sector. Taking the knowledge and contacts of those who protect, and supply them with the means to do so is an important task that will never be taken lightly. Your quality of training is in my best interest as is your patriotism and loyalty is in everyone's.  It is an honor to serve my community of protectors  once again, this time in the capacity of consult and quality weaponry. 

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2i Agency, LLC is a licensed FFL and registered importer of arms and munitions as well as dealing in weapons banned under the NFA. Our capabilities extend to domestic and international markets making us a full service door to door solution for the firearms industry, providing distribution for manufacturers to retail and wholesale partners. We pride ourselves on the ability to network and create strategic plans to effectively maximize all stakeholder positions. Research is crucial to understanding the dynamics of each situation, especially when connecting with key decision-makers. Our solid understanding of International Affairs, Weapons Regulations and Security precautions  provide a strategic asset to all partnerships.


Our main consumer based product open to the public is our elite membership to the Shooter Society.  Shooter Society is designed for people who make shooting their life and take training seriously.  By signing up for monthly memberships we are able to reduce the cost of ammunition, shipping and taxes to give the shooter the overall savings needed to support continual effective training. Our monthly memberships can be found HERE.

For corporations we export fully manufactured weapons systems, ammunition and components of both to all countries not listed in OFAC. We also specialize in sourcing weapons and ammunition from out of country and strategically importing into the United States,  as well as providing guidance and advice on importing previously owned weapons back into the US.

Specialty requests for imports and large distribution to retail or US based consolidation centers are available to all applicable licensed FFL businesses. We strive on broadening the United States brand on arms and security, and can advise those current US based FFL on bringing their product to the global market. 



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